Internal communication

Engage teammates
with interactive stories

Create My First Story

Create a visual story
in minutes

in a playful way

Get valuable feedback
from your team

Reach your team on
mobile and desktop


Give employees
a voice

Celebrate your recent team building event with your colleagues. Add GIFs & photos to tell a visual story. Get feedback on the event & gather ideas for the next one πŸ‘‚

Create My First Story


Onboard a new

Welcome your new teammates with a visual story. Make newcomers feel included in your company. Link relevant onboarding documents to your story.

Create My First Story


your team

Gauge your team's engagement with a visual and playful survey. Submissions can be anonymous so you get accurate and actionable insights to make work a happier place for all.

Create My First Story


Plan company

Get your co-workers excited about upcoming events. Easily share the story as a text message, email, Slack, to make sure they have all the information at the ready.

Create My First Story